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Let’s get on top of food trends this year – it will be worth it

Read about the mouthwatering year 2017 you’re about to have.


Sometimes I really just want to ignore food trends (excuse me, insects?) or wish they would just pass by very quickly – without me having to get on top of them. This year? No such wish. All the top trends sound perfect and make total sense to me. In fact, I can’t wait to write what I’m about to write next.


Chocolate. Oh yes, yes, yes. This year chocolate conquers new territories. Such as breakfast tables. One of the biggest trends this year is – you’re reading correctly – having chocolate cake for breakfast! And the best part? It might actually help lose weight. According to a survey (read more here), a breakfast that includes chocolate helps stem the craving for sweets later on the day. This may sound too good to be true, but I’m willing to give it a go!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt if your breakfast chocolate cake is from the healthier side of the spectrum. I found this take on chocolate cake by The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter. It’s gluten-free, dairy free and paleo. Although usually, I’m not such a huge fan of “healthy baking”, but this cake I loved. I will definitely make it again (and eat it not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner).

Speaking of dinners, one of the trendiest dishes this year will be tacos. It’s been predicted that new Taquerias (taco restaurants) will appear like Pokémons in Pokémon Go: on each corner. Home cooks will prepare family friendly versions, and impress big and small eaters alike. I’m sure we will see this trend on the Hello Chef menu as well.


The meta trend, above all smaller food trends, continues to be sustainability. It means, for example, that veggies will take more and more space on the plate. The good news is that nobody expects us to change our whole lives and become vegan or something – we can just go flexitarian! Think vegetarian or plant-based as a basis of the diet (come on, you know it’s good for you – and the Planet), with an option to enjoy a steak or a chicken feast every now and then. Again, sounds perfect to me! Also, creating as little food waste as possible is a big part of the trend. That’s really something to take as a target, especially in an extravagant place like Dubai. Being a HelloChef customer, you’re already well on top of this one. By getting exactly the right amount of ingredients for each meal you don’t end up feeding the bin, but only yourself and your family.


Have a happy, healthy, sustainable and delicious year 2017!

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