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Ditching wheat just gets easier and easier, as coconut flour continues to trend.

In the food calendar, this year seems to be the year of the coconut. I’m serious: the foodie world is going nuts for it! For the past few years we’ve been hearing all about the benefits of coconut oil, but now the focus is on coconut flour instead. Coconut flour is already a huge favorite amongst paleo dieters and gluten free eaters. It seems that the big crowd is now following those forerunners. Why? For many reasons, all of them great.

Coconut Flour is kind to the digestive system, because it’s so rich in fiber. The fiber in coconut flour moves right through the digestive system, and takes some of the toxins and waste along with it. Coconut flour is also low in sugar, so it doesn’t give that high blood sugar and insulin spike that you get with refined white flours. As it balances blood sugar levels, it therefore benefits people with diabetes and those who want to achieve a healthy weight.


If you’ve already tried baking with coconut flour, you’ve probably noticed that it absorbs a lot of liquid. Therefore, you don’t have to use a lot of it – a little goes a long way. Most of the recipes with coconut flour also call for a large amount of eggs. Since this flour doesn’t contain any gluten, eggs will bind the ingredients together. When baking with coconut flour, it’s best to use established recipes rather than waste time and money with experimentation. Here are some very, very useful links to start with!


Good morning! Have yourself some coconut flour pancakes! Don’t they just look delicious? For afternoon indulging you might want to bake these grain-free apple cinnamon muffins. Super easy! When I see overripe bananas at my kitchen desk top, I immediately think about banana bread. This one is my go-to recipe!

And how about some of these healthy three ingredient cookies? With this recipe you only end up with eight cookies, so not a lot of risk of overeating!


And, saving the best for last. These five ingredients paleo lemon bars are an all time favorite of mine. So lemony and yummy. Go (coco)nuts!


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