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Bloating? Low energy?

Try these gut-friendly foods that can make all the difference.


Many of the modern day diseases have been traced back to the gut. Lately there has been so much talk about the good kind of bacteria and how important they are, that it has had me wrinkling my forehead. Gut health seems to be the topic on every health conscious mind these days.

The good kind of bacteria is needed especially after taking antibiotics. They swipe off not only the bad bacteria that causes infections, but also the nicest, friendliest little “germs” that take care of our immune system, and can even help with weight management and weight loss.

Okay, sold.


So where to get that good bacteria? What are the most gut-friendly foods that we should be having on a daily basis? The keywords are “fermentation”, “probiotic” and “cultured”. Look for those words, and you’ll start avoiding bloating, increasing immunity, and lifting up that low energy.

Things like Korean kimchi and German sauerkraut are prepared in a mason jar that allows the bacteria ferment the ingredients naturally. You can buy those condiments ready made in stores, but they are easy to prepare at home, too.

Note to all fans of Korean food (like me!): if you’re searching for a perfect kimchi recipe, look no further. New York based top chef David Chang has it, and shares it here with a terrific story on the side. Tried, tested and devoured!


For Kimchi recipes, check any of the three recipes below out:

Recipe 1 from My Korean Kitchen

Recipe 2 from David Chang

Recipe 3 a lovely Vegan option

Go also for fermented pickles, traditional cured Greek olives, Japanese miso and natto (fermented soybeans), tempeh, and raw apple cider vinegar. Cultured dairy products like laban or buttermilk, kefir and yogurt are excellent sources of probiotics, as well as the non-dairy versions: for example yogurts made from organic soy and coconut.

Get into our system, friendly germs!

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