Healthy Seaweed: The New Kale

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Ahoy! Our next super food comes from the sea.

Healthy seaweed could be the new kale – when consumed in moderation.

Kale chips came and conquered the health food aisles – and they won’t be buried into lower shelves any time soon. But have you ever snacked on seaweed? If not, soon you might! Seaweeds have plenty of good qualities: they contain calcium, copper, iodine, iron, vitamin K and folic acid. Especially iodine is needed nowadays, since it’s missing in almost every other food and those fashionable good quality salts.


Healthy levels of iodine is important to maintaining a healthy thyroid, which helps produce and regulate hormones, and can even aid achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You can find seaweed products in the biggest supermarkets, or at least in some of the Asian markets out there. The most common type of seaweed is nori, that’s traditionally used to make maki rolls. Try the crispy toasted and lightly salted nori sprinkled on top of salads and noodles, too, together with toasted sesame seeds, for example.

Other common varieties of seaweed include dulse, arame, wakame, kelp and spirulina. Some of them can be used as super foods in smoothies and such. Add them to tofu dishes, miso soup and other soups, vegetable stews, stir-fries and plates of green as well. Although, while the thyroid malfunctions without iodine, too much of it can have its own side effects. Seaweed is best consumed in moderation: as a small Japanese dulse side salad every now and then, some nori sprinkles here and there, a few maki sushi rolls every week.


I’ll take it! It seems to me that making a new health resolution has never been easier.

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