Hello Chef is a B Corp!

Hello Chef is proud to be a B Corp™, joining thousands of companies worldwide with a common goal of using business as a force for good.

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our B Corp journey

We are the first food company based in the UAE to be certified, but achieving certification has been about so much more than just a badge of honour. It means we have taken the first step in showing that we care, demonstrating that we carefully consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

We passed a rigorous assessment process and we are proud of where we are today. But this is just the beginning for us. Learn more about what being a B Corp™ means below.

what is a B Corp?

Mission driven

We're committed to using our profit and growth as a means of leaving a positive mark on society and the planet.

A people-first organisation

We treat our customers, employees and suppliers with the utmost respect and value their opinions in our decision-making processes.


Our impact matters, and that's why we're pleased to share our progress publicly and strive for continous improvement.

how did we get here?


June 2021

We formalised our existing company purpose: to help people lead easier and more fulfilling lives

January 2022

We began our B Corp™ journey, starting the rigorous assessment process

December 2022

We published our first ever Sustainablity Report

March 2023

We conducted a materiality assessment to understand ESG priorities with key stakeholders

May 2023

We worked together with the wider team to redefine our company values


June 2023

We became the first UAE-based food company to join the B Corp™ community! 

where can I learn more?

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