Building a better Hello Chef Box

Here at Hello Chef, one of our top priorities is making sure your ingredients arrive fresh and safe in the most environmentally responsible packaging available. Our team is committed to developing fully recyclable and compostable materials for our boxes.

We run a box reuse or recycle program (more details below) and almost all of our packaging is recyclable. We recommend using our meal bags for your counter top compost bins and deli containers for storing leftovers and lunches. We are aware that this system isn't yet perfect, but we are constantly working to make it better.

Delivery and recipe boxes

What are they made of?

A blend of recycled and virgin kraft paper.

Where does it go?

In your curbside recycling bin or hand the empty boxes to the delivery driver on your next delivery and we'll either reuse or recycle it for you.

Plastic bags

What are they made of?

Recyclable low density polyethylene.

Where does it go?

Make sure your recycling program accepts them.

Containers & jars

What are they made of?

Containers are PET recyclable plastic.

Where does it go?

Containers made from PET can be recycled in your curbside recycling.

Why we think our service helps the environment

Our packaging and services are also designed with efficiency in mind. You skip a trip to the supermarket, and your food gets a shared ride to your home. Hello Chef boxes never travel alone, which minimizes our fuel use and overall carbon footprint.

According to throwing out spoiled veggies/fruit has the same environmental CO2 impact as throwing out the same weight in plastic. Throwing out any meat has a much worse environment CO2 impact than throwing out the same weight in plastic. A BBC article reported that the average UK family household with children loses £700 a year because of avoidable food waste. With Hello Chef, you’re probably throwing away zero food and recycling 50g of plastic / meal.

So, if you fall into the category of families that occasionally throw out food, then recycling plastic from our meals is much better alternative to throwing out food.

Return your boxes to us!

Look for updates on this page as we continue to introduce more new sustainable materials for your Hello Chef box

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