Mango and Tofu Summer Rolls

with Peanut Butter Dip
Preparing these rolls is a bit of a fiddly job, but we promise it's worth it!
Cooking time: 60 min
Cals 767 · Prot 12 · Carbs 152 · Fat 13
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Dipping sauce

Peanut butter
45 Grams
15 ML
Sriracha sauce
20 Grams
Soy sauce
20 ML
Maple syrup
30 Grams
2 Pieces


Rice vermicelli
100 Grams


Firm tofu
600 Grams
Corn starch
60 Grams
1 Tsp
Vegetable oil
4 Tbsp

For rolls

1 Piece
1 Piece
1 Piece
Large red chilli
2 Pieces
Fresh coriander
30 Grams
Rice paper
12 Pieces


1 Make dipping sauce
In a bowl, combine the peanut butter, measured water, sriracha (spicy!)soy sauce, maple syrup and the juice from the limes. Set aside - this is your dipping sauce.
2 Coat tofu
Slice the tofu into bite-sized cubes. Add the corn starch and salt to a plate. Turn the tofu cubes in the corn starch. Set aside.
3 Prep vegetables
Peel and slice the mango. Peel and chop the carrot into thin sticks. Chop the cucumber into thin sticks. Slice the red chilli. Pick the coriander leaves. 
4 Fry tofu
Heat a non-stick pan over a medium-high heat with a generous drizzle of vegetable oil. Once hot, add the tofu cubes and fry for 5 min until golden and crispy on all sides (see pro tip). Keep warm.
5 Soak vermicelli
Add the rice vermicelli to a bowl. Cover with boiling water and soak for 3-4 min. Once softened, pour the rice vermicelli into a colander and rinse with cold water. Drain.
6 Roll and serve
Pour hot (not boiling) water into a bowl. Soak each rice paper, one at a time, in the hot water for 30-40 sec. Carefully transfer the soaked paper to a chopping  board. Top one half of the paper with a helping of the rice vermicelli, fried tofu, mango, carrot and cucumber, chilli (spicy!) and coriander leaves. Fold the sides of the rice paper over the filling, then tightly roll from the bottom upwards. Repeat. Serve the rolls with the dipping sauce to the side.
Tips for fussy eaters
Let them build their own rolls!
Pro tip
The key to crispy tofu is a hot pan, a generous amount of oil and patience. Once you've added the tofu to the hot pan, don't touch it for a while. Flip it only once it's caramelized.

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