Quick Steak Sandwich

with Rocket and Mature Cheddar
Quick & Easy
This steak sandwich comes together in under 20 minutes. Perfect for a quick lunch!
Cooking time: 20 min
Cals 931 · Prot 53 · Carbs 98 · Fat 36
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Sirloin steak
200 Grams
Vegetable oil
1 Tbsp
0.5 Tsp
Mature cheddar
60 Grams
1 Piece
Dijon mustard
6 Grams
Light mayonnaise
20 Grams
2 Piece
Black pepper
0.5 Tsp
Onion marmalade
56 Grams
40 Grams


1 Fry steak
Pat the steaks dry with kitchen paper, rub them with vegetable oil and season with salt. Heat a large pan over a high heat. Once very hot, add the steaks and fry them for 2-3 min on each side or until cooked to your liking. Transfer the steaks to a plate and leave them to rest. Wipe the pan and reserve.
2 Prep
Meanwhile, grate the cheddar. Slice the tomatoes. In a small bowl, mix together the Dijon and mayonnaise.
3 Toast bread
Slice the ciabattas open. Return the pan to a medium heat. Once hot, add the bread and toast for 2 min.
4 Assemble
Thinly slice the rested steaks and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Spread the Dijon mayonnaise on the bottom slice. Place the sliced tomatoes followed by the sliced steaks on the bottom slice. Top the steaks with the cheddar. Spread the onion marmalade on the top slice.
5 Serve
Top the steaks with the rocket and cover. Enjoy!
Tips for fussy eaters
Rocket can taste bitter to sensitive palates. Why not swap it for little gem or iceberg lettuce?
Pro tip
The resting of the steak is as important as the frying of the steak. It sets the meat's juices and allows the fibers to relax, leaving the end result more tender and your plate less messy.

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